Tutoring at Crest Educational

  • Tutors at Crest have decades of experience teaching and tutoring in a wide array of academic subjects.
    • We can work with students in K-12 AND post-secondary (college/university) subjects – call us for availability!
    • Most Popular Subjects:
      • Algebra I
      • Algebra 2
      • Geometry
      • Pre-algebra
      • Pre-calculus
      • English – Writing
      • English – Reading Comprehension
      • Biology
      • AP English/History/Precalc
      • Spanish
      • US History
      • Civics (Government/Politics)
      • World History
      • CAPSTONE PROJECTS (High School)
  • 1-on-1 Tutoring Options
    • Students are scheduled for up to five hours per week (typically one to two hours per week)
      • Schedule is fixed and agreed upon to maintain consistency and effectiveness of tutoring
      • Enrollment is initially 3-months to begin, and continues as needed monthly.
    • Students are scheduled for a short-term, 4-hour “emergency” package
      • All four hours of this option are scheduled in advance.

Call us at (203) 678-0418 or emailĀ  – camila@cresteducational.com
to schedule a FREE consultation!